Leak Detection KentIf your home is suffering from a plumbing leak, then we here at Breen Plumbing can help. We offer specialist leak detection in Kent, and we are experts in pinpointing leaks both quickly and effectively. A leak that is left undetected, and therefore unattended to, can end up costing you, as a homeowner, thousands of pounds in repairs. It will also mean that you suffer inflated water bills.

Our aim is to detect leaks within your home and in doing so we will cause as little damage or disruption to your property as possible – the only disruption is likely to come from the necessary steps taken to solve the leak – not to detect it. There are the three ways that we detect leaks:

Leak Detection in KentThermal Image Cameras – we use thermal image cameras in order to investigate any damp patches that you have noticed upon your floors or windows. We then trace the thermal imprint of these patches back to the point where they commence, hence finding the source of the leak.

Acoustic Listening Devices – we are able to detect leaks up to two and half metres – or eight feet – beneath services. Leaks often release air as well as water, or there is an audible sound as water escapes. Our acoustic devices, which are similar to ultra-sonic devices – can detect the sound of leaks without the need for excavation or removal.

Tracer Gases – a tracer gas is a safe mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen that is passed into your pipework while maintaining a safe pressure. Detectors can then detect these gases as they are subsequently released via the leak. This method is extremely efficient in pinpointing tiny leaks, as the gas molecules are smaller than water molecules and can pass out of tiny leaks more easily.

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If you are a home owner and you need the services of leak detection in Kent, then please contact us. It's important that you any potential leaks you spot are attended to as swiftly as possible, else you could be facing a repair bill for many hundreds of pounds, if not more. Call us here at Breen Plumbing in Sevenoaks at any time – 01732 642 763 or via email at .