Leak Detection KentHere at Breen Plumbing, we can offer aid to both contractors and commercial companies by detecting potentially destructive leaks within a property's plumbing system. We can save your business thousands of pounds by finding leaks. An unattended or undetected leak can end up causing significant damage, as well as unnecessarily high water usage bills.

Leak Detection in Kent

Our leak detection systems will accurately pinpoint the precise location of any leaks without causing unnecessary damage to your property. These are the three methods that we use in order to discover leaks, and we can detect around ninety-nine percent of leaks within a few hours of searching:

Thermal Image Cameras – our leakage detection experts are able to use cameras to investigate any damp or warm patches that are found upon your walls or floors. This will enable them to find the source of the leak, and then to trace the route of the pipework through most surfaces.

Acoustic Listening Devices – these devices are similar to ultra-sonic devices, and they are used to detect the exact location of both internal and external leaks. An acoustic listening device can be used to detect leaks up to two and a half metres (eight feet) beneath the surface. Your leak can be detected without the need of excavation or removal work.

Tracer Gases – a safe mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen is forced into your pipes, maintaining a safe pressure at all times. These gases then pass into your pipework and out through the leak, which is then detected by gas sniffers. Your leak can be pinpointed at source, no matter how small. Even pinhole leaks can be detected as nitrogen and hydrogen molecules are smaller than water molecules and pass through any leaks more easily.

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The crucial aspect of leak detection in Kent is that any leaks are detected quickly and accurately, as that minimises the damage caused and the amount of water wasted. If you are a contractor seeking to tender, or a commercial company in need of leak detection services, then call Breen Plumbing on 01732 642 763, or drop us an email at